Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3 – An Advent Friendship

The Abbess proposed a unique Advent practice to all her Sisters. Supposing, she said, we do give to our Lord what He wants more than anything else; supposing we give Him, this year, our friendship.

“We are told in Proverbs 17, ‘A friend loveth at all times,’ and in the marketplace monastery, our friendship with God often suffers more during this season than any other.

“We do think about Jesus Christ, and that is never without its effect, and our hearts are often warmed to Him and by some public reminder of His glory, but we like it when our friends are nearer to us than warm thoughts. Supposing, we stop by . . . the throne of grace! . . . for a prolonged visit every day?

“This is an interesting concept, dear Sisters. Very true is the friendship that can forestall our shopping, baking, wrapping, planning, decorating Christmas agenda without encumbrance and in which we may sit in perfect peace to visit, enhancing the joys rather than bemoaning the stressors of the season. Very powerful the friendship that contributes to our holiday well-being.

“Our Father and His glorious Son, rejoice to see us come and stay, and if it were possible, all the more when, for our sakes, the press of the Christmas season squeezes our devotional lives almost to oblivion.

“Shall we consider and be sure that we CAN do Christmas and friendship with God, both, in the same season? Shall we determine that if we have not managed a strong and vibrant devotional life during the year past, if we will insist upon it now, we will have it forever? Let us watch and see if, so doing, the Christmas blessing of peace and love and joy that come with every greeting card, do not actually appear and abide with us this holiday season.

"Stop By!"
photo by Kerry

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