Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6 – Advisory Counsel

Vashti did not come, and one of the princes in attendance went right to the heart of the matter, as it concerned the honor of men.

Vashti’s insubordination would become known, resulting in the wide-spread subversion of submission in the land. If the queen did not have to submit to the king (who had put the crown on her head,) certainly no other women would feel compelled to submit to their husbands.

We are learning to think in Cor Unum.

Vashti was made an example to all the women of the land; she was deposed as queen, and an edict went out in ALL THE LAND that men were masters in their own homes.

Was there another course of action open to Xerxes? What would have “worked,” and served every purpose? The edict served the purpose of the men of Persia, and it would appear that it serves them still.

Suggestions? Today you can, as it were, serve as advisers to the king.

Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna
by permission

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