Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25 – We Are Not the First

The search for a deep and meaningful life in Christ is not new among men or women. Believers have sought for centuries to live near to Jesus Christ in word and deed, and some have lived their lives to be found ever close to His heart.

More study? More prayer? More meditation? Frankly, yes. Most of us could trade off a little relaxation or a bit of diversion for TIME WITH GOD!

It always behooves us, however, to ask what HE considers the paragon and the price of nearness, and the 15th chapter of the book of John is certainly all about nearness.

We know that when Jesus desired to talk intimacy with Himself and the Father, He chose the “vine motif.” Not kings and castles, moon and stars (which we know are not very near at all,) or waves upon the shore.

Not too many things could be nearer than the vine is to the branch. What’s more, in the perfection of Jesus’ idiom . . . literary professors would have LOVED having Him in class! . . . the “vine motif” perfectly illustrates how it is that the branches continue to flower and bear frui.

Nearness and fruit-bearing: it would appear that we have come NEAR to the Father’s definition and purpose is NEARNESS. We will look a little CLOSER tomorrow.

15th Century copy of
"Imitation of Christ"
Thomas Aquinas
public domain

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