Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9 , 2010 – “ER” . . . England Revived!

The bookstores are FULL of them; corporations are putting “our” best strategies to work with great success. Christ principles! When we learn to honor and serve others, when we employ the royal law of love, our lives will SOAR! Eagles will have nothing on us . . . neither will “ER”, Elizabeth Regina, and we would truly like to believe that she would stand in hearty agreement.

Precious and beloved ones! – think what it is to have all majesty and royal prerogative, all inheritance with Christ, all splendor of grace and glory OURS in the fulfillment of love.

We are those who have answered the high calling to “make love our aim.” This is not the sappy, goopy, goosey love . . . kiss-kiss, honk-honk . . . not at all! This is mounting up and following the One Who flies before us into the perfections of love, into the heart of the realm of love, where our lives are laid down for our brethren, and sometimes for our enemies. Fact: In a fallen world, life must fall to the ground and die, else it abides alone.

Elizabeth loves. It seems it ran in her family. When the palace was bombed during the Nazi Blitzkrieg, her mother stated firmly, “Now we can look (the bombed out) East End in the face!” Elizabeth’s love isn’t sappy, goopy, goosey, but it is protective, the way the guardian goose watches, watches … stands guard and raises the alarm while the others seem no better than . . . silly geese.

Some think the monarchy has lost its power and influence in Great Britain: not so while Elizabeth reigns. She knows exactly what’s going on around her and what trend and political bents might bend her people too far. The government ministers know politics; she knows her people, she knows the monarchy, and she is not at all reluctant to raise the alarm. In cloistered ways that we cannot observe first hand, her life is laid down. May she go the distance, may God restore what has been plundered in her family, and may He be pleased to revive her soul, her family and her nation in the fullness of Him Who fills all in all. Amen.

"Light Our Way, O Lord!"
photo by Kerry

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