Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6 – Are We Pretending?

Somehow, some way, Elizabeth II has managed to exude serenity and security in her role from the first day of her accession to the throne. Even then, giving to her country without giving way to her grief, she has been a gracious, steadfast monarch.

Her father helped her to be ready. His health was endangered for some time before his death, and he began to prepare Elizabeth and entrust some matters of state, particularly in the PR department, to her.

One does not continue in the success Elizabeth has had while pretending to be the Queen or feigning a royal demeanor. She knows who she is. Proclaimed, received, invested, crowned . . . and anointed . . . all of those symbols and ceremonies have meaning and substance for her. Great Britain has a monarch; she is that one.

We in Cor Unum have a Monarch as well, a Mighty King, and He has heirs who share His inheritance with His Son Jesus. We are, in the words of Scripture, co-heirs with Christ. (Romans 9:17) Do we more value our “fire insurance” than our place at the throne of God? (Colossian 3:1,2) Truly, we are as “royal” as we are “saved,” for both are ours in Christ.

In her 21st birthday speech, as we have seen, "with an unwavering faith, a high courage, and a quiet heart," Elizabeth dedicated her life to England and all its protectorate. Today in Cor Unum, let us follow her example; let us not fall short where we are given even more! Let us surrender our lives to the majesty of God our Father and the Gospel of His Son; let us live ever as we are, sons and daughters of the Most High God, our Lord and Liege.

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