Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3 – Keeping Vows

We have been taking a tour of the “cloister” known as Buckingham Palace. The same view of royal life would be evidenced at Windsor Castle and, with slightly more diversion and relaxation, at Balmoral and any of the other royal residences where Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh may find themselves.

The royal two are essentially quiet people, Elizabeth in particular. As a child, she remarked that her idea of the good life would be to find herself a lady in the country with lots of animals, and to the country she retires after Christmas each year for a few days and whenever else her schedule has afforded her a little respite. It isn’t often.

The pair dine at the same time every night; she goes back to the red boxes every night, no matter where she may be, and if she finishes in time, she likes to work a crossword puzzle in the evening. She watches television when she can for just awhile, but she can’t stay up late.

The royal “cloister” keeps the royal couple on track, because every day brings new opportunities to advance the royal cause, that of assuring the British people that they have, in their Queen, someone ready to listen and eager to help. Elizabeth has spent more than sixty years building that level of trust. The House of Windsor began to grasp the fact that twentieth century royalty would have to keep step with twentieth century expectations of democracy, and it is no coincidence that by this understanding, the Windsors have kept alive the British monarchy while others have fallen. On her twenty-first birthday, as we have seen, she vowed her life in service to her people, and she has honored her vow.

Let us keep our vows today . . . in Cor Unum, we will seek the Lord our God and love Him with all our hearts and souls, all our mind and strength. A simple vow, and more surely than our dedication to keep it . . . it keeps us.

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