Monday, August 16, 2010

August 17 - A Charge to Keep

As the canopy was removed and Elizabeth rose, anointed, and then knelt at the faldstool placed before St. Edward’s Chair, Archbishop Fisher lifted his hand and voice to bless the young Queen, consecrated through his own faith and obedience. He spoke the words of which St. Dunstan had spoken over Edgar, the first King of All England, and very distant relative of the woman before him . . .

“by his holy Anointing pour down upon your Head and Heart the blessing of the Holy Ghost, and prosper the works of your Hands: that . . . you may govern and preserve the Peoples committed to your charge in wealth, peace and godliness.” Whatever before, all the pageantry of the processional, all that was yet to come, the Investiture, Crowning, and the Homage, none could have, none did so visibly, move the soul of the minister than the Anointing.

For us in Cor Unum, we know that it is the “anointing which destroys the yoke” (Isaiah 10:27) We know it; do we remember it and hold that truth as sacred day by day, just as Elizabeth must wake up and be a monarch every morning?

She reigns as Her Majesty over millions of people; we may, if we will, walk in the majesty of an Anointing that will relieve and release those around us from all bondage. Hers is a great calling; she has taken every part in good conscience and born the burden.

Ours will be as great . . . greater . . . to those who have not known love or truth or purity or hope or joy or purpose or strength or peace. She must be the lawful and consecrated Queen of her realm; we must be the lawful and consecrated servants of the most high, co-heirs with Jesus Christ, our lawful and not-at-all distant relative. It is our birthright, here in the sanctity of Cor Unum.

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