Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5 - Check's in the Mail!

In a world troubled with conflicting perspectives and peopled with those who live “conflicted” in their souls, here is a terrific NEW perspective!

Romans 12:15 tells us . . . Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. That sounds good . . . it sounds right!

How concise! How pragmatic! How life-changing! How . . . irritating!

What we like to do, is to coax the mourners to snap out of it, unless we’re a little sad ourselves, and if we are, then we’re apt to rain on the rejoicing parade as it passes by. Romans 12:15 is an easy injunction to miss, because we would never REALLY tell a real mourner to snap out of it, and we always smile and say, “I’m so happy for you," when called upon, just as we should.

However . . . if ever . . . there was a little word of counsel that would “divide usunder” soul and spirit, joint and marrow among those living in close community, this is it. When the newest postulant in Cor Unum is absolutely GIDDY over her monastic progress, our “Rejoice-O-Meter” barely lifts itself above stationary. We can bring ourselves to mourn a little or a lot, but not always WITH others, entering into their grief, when we are -- “good grief!” – up to our own eyeballs in our own little sorrows, transgressions, failures and, well, need for attention!

In practice, however, while Romans 12:15 will read our mail, it is also the check that’s in the mail, the discovery of what it is to comfort others with the comfort with which we’ve been comforted, and we can take THAT to the bank!

"Made You Smile!"
photo by Kerry

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