Friday, July 30, 2010

July 31 – Come In . . . and Close the Door

Like the Lover in the Song of Songs who invites his Beloved to “come away,” the new postulant has left the valley behind. For her, to dwell where every day life has to be lived according to rhythms not dedicated to God is to dwell beneath her hopes and expectations.

For us, here in Cor Unum, we may yet “come away from Lebanon . . . and look down from the top of Amana.” The “madding crowd” . . . with whom we ride to work in the morning in the city or jostle for road space on the daily commute . . . is the vineyard we tend with Him.

For us, the heights from which we look down are the trials we encounter and endure . . . even face down, like the lions and leopards in Song of Solomon 4 . . . because He is with us, and our battles have been won in His finished work.

They can give more time, those cloistered nuns; we can give our all, making every moment divine as we look to the One Who walks with us and gives us “the victory” – which must mean that if we will not lose sight of Him, He will not hide long from us.

There is a door through which we may enter . . . the portal through which we choose to walk with God

"The Heart of the City"
photo by Kerry

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