Friday, July 2, 2010

July 3 - “Bless Them!”

A lady appeared in a church for a special conference and told the ministers there, “Don’t forget that there are those in your community praying every day that darkness will enfold the Christian community – that darkness will prevail and that Satan will begin to reign supreme where you live.” Her suggested remedy?

“Bless them!” From every corner of the sanctuary, she said, bless them. Pray down God’s chief-est blessings of mercy and grace and truth upon them. This is not to say that God’s people ought not seek protection and wisdom and the paramount precaution of Christlikeness, nor that Christians may not acknowledge the need for law enforcement, judges and courts, and social justice.

However, as we live and walk in faith, she said, the key to overcoming evil is to bless those who have been taken captive by the devil to perpetrate it. We do not bless them to prosper in their sin but to be prospered out of it. We ask for mercy and grace and wisdom and deliverance from evil. This IS to live in Christ and to know Him. Devils are meant for the abyss . . . all others may yet obtain heaven, if we would ask our Father to bring them into the truth and the faith which we have received.

"A Thorny Problem"
photo by Kerry

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