Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 27 – Marrying into “the Blood”

We all know that kings and princes of all ages have been predominately eager to pursue marriage contracts among other royal families, pulling out a wealthy princess here, a powerful duchess there, even snagging a Queen Regnant who will bring entire countries with her as her dowry portion.

There have been a few notable exceptions. The mother of the reigning Queen Elizabeth was without royal pedigree, and she and George VI made one of the happiest monarchical marriages ever recorded.

For us, our only hope was so distant that few in all history ever dared to look upon it. Only those who knew how acutely bereft we were ever glimpsed it.

No matter our jewels and estates, no matter our wit or genius, we bring nothing and Jesus Christ bestows everything, including the grace we need in order to recognize His Grace, and the very eyes to see the radiant, resplendent . . . literally blinding in Paul’s case . . . glory under His shepherd’s cloak.

“Naked to thy cross I fly . . . wash me Savior or I die!”

This is the beautiful betrothal. This is the monastic marriage. Each one of us in Cor Unum share the same desperation and the same exaltation, and in that betrothal and exaltation, let us walk today, here in Cor Unum.

"Royal Wedding"
November 20, 1947

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