Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 26 – A Common Thread

There runs through virtually every book penned by cloistered women a golden thread of majestic savvy.

Their habits may be darned and patched, their next meal might be turnips and tuna, but those who remain and want the world to know why, seem to understand and deeply believe that the majesty of God has opened to them.

Not HIS MAJESTY . . . far from it! . . . but the majesty of His nearness, His forgiveness, His welcome, His kingdom come, His Lovely Person now their own betrothed.

A right understanding of betrothal would have all of us polishing up our diadems, even if, at present, we’re wearing veils . . . or curlers!

Nobody wears curlers anymore, and enough television and movie-going would make one believe nobody waits honorably upon their marriage vows, either.

Jesus does. He waits. He anticipates the Wedding of the Lamb when He takes His Bride and escorts her into the heaven of heavens and leads her to her place at His banqueting table.

We will one day marry the Prince . . . of Peace. Of Righteousness. Of Glory. Never on earth has there ever been a more bona fide pedigree of royalty than that which belongs to the one who receives the gift of life in Him, and we in Cor Unum know that gift is ours, forever.

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