Friday, July 23, 2010

July 24 – Isn’t That Interesting?

It turns out that there are exactly four more forty-day periods before the end of the year. Let’s see what we can do with them, here in Cor Unum!

Let’s begin with a return to “All Things Monastic!” . . . with a reminder that, to us “monastic” means “single-hearted, standing alone” before God.

We are wise and we know that married Sisters and Brothers do not and must not stand alone, but their place at the throne of grace is solitary and so is their responsibility before God to pursue the likeness of His Son.

For a little double-dipped inspiration and fascination, for the next forty days, we will be looking at the majestic aspect of enclosure. We will see what it means to be chosen in Jesus Christ, anointed and set apart through His life, death, and resurrection. “Real” nuns stay as close to majesty as to humility, for both are bequeathed to us in Christ.

For this purpose, we have a beautiful, gracious example, a “cloistered” woman who has been loyal to the house to which she was called for nearly sixty years. Life hasn’t been endlessly devotional for her, but she has been true to her calling, and she was anointed before God to serve where we may find her . . . in a palace rather than a monastery, on a throne instead of in a prayer stall. Since we are all called to majesty as much as to humility, let’s see what her crown and scepter can teach us.

For today, ask yourself if the Abbess has spoken truly: can our humility in truth reject the majesty of the redemption we have in Christ Jesus our Lord?

stock photo
sketch of oil by
Pietro Annigoni

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