Monday, July 12, 2010

July 13 – A Moment in Time

In Cor Unum this day, if we have even the wispiest shred of resentment or hostility, we might, in wisdom, answer this question . . . is there anyone on earth we hate so much that we would wish to see them stand before God without hope of His mercy?

Is there anyone before whom we would stand, in the presence of the One Who died for them and for us, and see them go off into everlasting torment? Hear their anguish . . .?

Is there anyone who has wronged us so badly that we would rejoice even to see them suffer the shame of their wrong-doing before God? Would the shame and the horror of that moment make heaven sweeter for us? Would it even make earth and the remembrance of things past, less bitter . . . if, that is, we are thinking back to earth’s sorrows in that moment?

The last verse in Romans 12, after we, dearly beloved, are admonished to feed our hungry enemies and give them drink, tells us this:

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21)

If we wish to see them in distress, we would be best off to heap those coals of fire spoken of in verse 20 upon their heads now, while we can, kindnesses in the name of the Lord that burn through their understanding . . . and even their unbelief, and warming, the heart of God.

Scripture tells us His compassions can be "kindled;" we would do well to know this about our God and Father.

"Hatred Burns Uncontrolled"
photo by Kerry

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