Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5 – Amazing

The idea that of all the attributes of God, WISDOM is the one that gets the feminine article, is . . . amazing.

In the ninth Proverb, we see Wisdom having prepared a meal and a table, and calling out to the simple and those lacking in judgment, “Come in here!”

“Leave your simple ways and live!” she cries. “Walk in the way of understanding!” Many “she’s” could echo “her” words through personal experience. It is a great thing to have left foolishness behind.

The Scripture tells us there are other “she’s,” adulterous tempters beckoning and flirting from the doorways of life, down the alleys of distraction and destruction. WISDOM bids us keep to the path of good sense. Just as we said yesterday, true logic does not betray truth.

The nuns in Regina Laudis Abbey and in convents and monasteries all over the world, on every continent, have put themselves in the way of finding the heart of God, and we are here in Cor Unum for just that purpose. We will find Him in the wisdom of every circumstance, if it is Him Whom we seek, and we will find wisdom ever in Him.

WISDOM is she who guards our souls and gains the mind of Christ.

The beginning of WISDOM is the holy fear of God, and that reverence is our pursuit today, in the all the parlors, cells, chapels and corridors of Cor Unum Abbey. Wherever we are, wherever we are headed, WISDOM will never forsake us.

“Can a woman forget her nursing child, or fail to have compassion upon him? She may forget, but lo! I will not,” says the Lord . . . “instead, I have engraved you upon the palms of my hands; your walls are always before Me.” (Isaiah 49:15)

"What Will We Bring to the Table?"
photo by Kerry

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