Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25 – A Glimpse of Majesty

There is every indication in Scripture that we in Cor Unum ought to be . . . the happiest creatures on earth!

While those on earth, under the best of conditions, may pursue happiness, we are commanded to JOY!


When Elizabeth II was crowned Queen in 1952, the wave of joy in the streets of London rocked the asphalt and the buildings along her route to Westminster Abbey. If not every single soul, very much of Great Britain loves majesty!

Housewives and magistrates, vendors and street cleaners . . . children and aged men and women who had lived through several coronations . . . all lining the streets hoping to get one glimpse of the golden carriage and its resplendent occupant, their new Queen. They believed this . . . that she was on their side. That she was FOR THEM. That as long as she reigned, they would be ENGLAND!

Here in Cor Unum, housewives and magistrates, vendors and street cleaners . . . children and aged brothers and sisters . . . may all present themselves today before the King of Glory and His Son, the Prince of Peace, Jesus . . . JOY of Man’s Desiring! Along every route, every twist and turn that life may take, we may raise the shout of glorious delight . . . that as long as our God reigns, we will reign with Him, at His right hand, in Christ Jesus, Who has given us a steadfast hope.

Though we die, yet shall we live! We are the purchase of God, and we are born again of imperishable seed! Where the Holy Spirit is, there shall we be also, both in life and death. We will never be left alone and never forsaken, and we shall SEE GOD!

Let us make the earth shake today! The Lord is passing by! Let us raise the shout that topples wickedness and raises the banners of eternal life and liberty! He has called us by our names, and we are His own!

"And There Was Great Rejoicing in the Land!"
Queen Elizabeth II - Coronation Day

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