Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 21 – One More Time

We are the modern monastics, the “cannot settle for less than devotion” Sisters and Brothers who seek out the God we love without the physical walls and ecclesiastical habits. We do what cloistered monastics say is the more difficult thing . . . we seek perfection right where we are. We seek to find God and not let Him go until He blesses us, right in the midst of jobs, bills, marriage, parenting . . . no excuses!

We are going to spend one more day in Cor Unum focused upon Romans 12:10, yesterday’s L.U.C.I.E. fast verse . . .

“Give preference to one another in honor.” (Romans 12:10)

. . . and this is all we are going to say to one another today . . .

“Did you? Did I? Did I SEE TO IT that I gave preference to others today? Starting with those closest to home, will they fall asleep knowing that I hold them in honor?”

Tomorrow, we move on. We move on with this very important matter in the forefront . . . we will honor others, as Jesus Christ has honored us . . . we will hold those who have loved us and those who have failed in the preference of honor. It is the honorable thing to do, and if we say we LOVE and cannot bring ourselves to show HONOR . . . we dishonor the King and kingdom to which we have been honored to belong.

"Those Texans!"
photo by Kerry

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