Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 19 – The Other Devotion

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. (Romans 12:10)

We look into devotion nearly every day in Cor Unum, and our focus has been on devotion to God, but it does not take long to see that He always sends us back to love one another.

We worship Him, we pray, we seek His Face, and He draws near to us and His Spirit lifts us comforts us and gives us strength and peace.

The next thing we know, someone else walks on stage and needs what we have . . . redemption, truth, and the love of God.

We have seen and we will ever observe, that love for God deepens and widens our love for others. We may as well, and we must, make sure that our devotion to God flows out into the needy world around us.

As has been said over the years, there is no better place to start than close to home, making sure that wives are devoted to their husbands, not just using or tolerating them . . . that husbands are devoted to their wives, not just using or tolerating them. That grown children are DEVOTED to their aging parents and teaching their children to be devoted, too.

“Be devoted.” It isn’t a mantra, it is an heart condition. One we cannot live without.

"Devotional Horse Sense"
photo by Kerry

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