Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 1 – The Blessing Battle

We have come to the end of our Romans 12:13 “fairy tale.” Clearly, it is no fiction that the people of God bless and honor Him when they bring and serve and give and help with whole-hearted generosity.

The Abbess hopes you enjoyed the Cor Unum correlation . . . we all contribute through the lives we have been called to live, and our monastic vision is to make sure that we are contributing to the heavenly worship that belongs to God and that will go on and on even if we do not participate.

In Cor Unum, there is no “highway option” where participation is concerned. We will worship the Lamb of Glory . . . we will worship the King of Kings. Together, with these daily entries and insights, we are making sure that our worship continues and expands to fill our hearts as well as heaven’s halls.

Which . . . will prove important, because our next investigation is into Romans 12:14 . . . where we will learn to bring our worshipful lives into warfare, the “blessing battle” waged on behalf of those who persecute us.

Tomorrow, then . . . let’s get ready to storm the gates of evil – especially the evil of bitterness in our own hearts.

"There's a Lot Going On Up There"
wall mural by Ted deGrazia
photo by Kerry

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