Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2 – Behind Every Shade

On every street in every town, behind every shade, lives a potential postulant.

While the tiniest fraction of the smallest percentage of those in any city or hamlet will ever remove to a convent or monastery, every curtain and blind closes a man or woman in with God.

Sadly, so do failures and shortcomings, depression and darkness, resentments and refusal. God draws near, and with lovingkindness draws us to faith in His Son . . . how wicked the enemies of the human soul that would bar us from the light and love of God!

Let us, here in Cor Unum, behind the grille of hope, give our thanks to God for the hours we have spent in the pure joy of His Presence, let us renew our commitment that, when the Father waits for us in silence (Matthew 6:6,) He will not be disappointed in us, and let us consider one or two others for whom we may pray, that they will spend their next . . . or their first . . . afternoon closeted with the One Whom the heavens cannot contain, the One Who comes to us.

"Midtown Monastery"
photo by Kerry

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