Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13 – Prisoners in a Shining Tower

We will look together once again at the glory of our bondage to hope.

Is hope the “ivory tower” of Christian life? The Scripture tells us that we do not hope for what we see, for what we have, but we hope for that which we do not see. Thus, as long as there is desire and need, we may hope.

Hope is the Scriptural anchor for the soul, not the ivory tower of unfulfilled dreams and wishes. Hope, we are told in Romans, that is seen is not hope. We do not hope for those things we hold in our hands or see before us. (Romans 8:24)

We hope where there is need. Do we have desires not yet fulfilled? Would we see God’s kingdom come, in our own lives and the lives of those around us? In those places, we hope.

We who hope are bound to hope, and it is the shining tower in the palace of majesty, and this is why:

“Hope maketh not ashamed.” (Romans 5:5) By the word of God, hope will not disappoint us. Shall we hope in the veracity of God as He speaks these words to us today.

Are we “abiding in hope,” here in Cor Unum? Let’s take stock today.

Shall we take a look to see where hope is strong and will not be denied? While we are about it, we can check to see where hope has turned to “wishful thinking,” or where our desires never achieved the glory of hope at all.

Oh, to become prisoners of hope, enclosed in hope and bound to it in every part! We may desire, we may hope, to be found in hope to the last moment of our lives, and if such be the glory of our lives and our death, the joy and the peace of our believing will be to us not a castle in the air, but the mansion of glory where we dwell in the Most High forever.

"Hope On"
photo by Kerry

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