Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20 – Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

When Patrick returned to Ireland, he knew that he was stepping into a lair of evil, where his enemies had fallen prey to the wiles of darkness.

He knew that a nation was being terrorized and pillaged by barbarisms and butchery unimaginable but to those who experienced them.

Patrick had experienced them, torn from his family home when he was, in his own words, a “beardless boy.”

Patrick was taken in chains into slavery. No compassion for the grief of his family. No concern for the devastation left behind. Not a glimmer of hope for a boy, almost a child, who one day had his future stretching before him and who the next, became fodder for the greed and debauchery of a people, themselves sold to evil.

The Picts had overrun Ireland, but there were others living there, as Patrick saw in his vision, countless others, who hungered for holiness and yearned to walk with God. Many of those may not themselves have known what their hearts sought, but God knew, and God knew Patrick.

The single greatest thing that we in Cor Unum can do for those around us is to walk with God. When we do, those who have lived in hiding all their lives will cry out in their hearts, “Holy sir, holy lady, we beg you, come and walk among us!” for our holiness will not be that which exalts our plastic perfections but that which brings the mercy and truth, the righteousness and peace of God into the caves of the human heart.

If we in Cor Unum will walk with God, others will come trembling into the light of His love.

"Light Upon the Path"
photo by Kerry

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