Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 24 – More In the Morning Than Most of Us Do All Day

Whew! It is a little hard for most of us to imagine spending two to four hours or more in prayer and worship, before we have had our coffee!

Wonderfully, it is hard for the monastic to imagine sitting down to coffee and the newspaper before prayer and worship. Perhaps we can take a page from their book if not several hours from their morning.

Would we like to consider a new practice in the early morning, a new habit that might change us more than a veil and wimple could do?

What would happen in our hearts, homes and hamlets if we in Cor Unum would begin each morning with the surrender of our thoughts and plans during the first moments of the day, putting them in their place and into the hands of God, and if we would not take up our day planners or turn on the morning news or pick up the paper or get on-line until we have spent time in worship, thanksgiving, in the Word of God and in prayer? We might not see it immediately, but the world, at least our own, would begin to change.

Must we stay for an hour? For three???? Certainly not. Some do, however. Some marketplace monastics trade Wall Street for worship, the media for meditation, and the internet for intercession. So what if we start small?

The one who wakens to think of God and spends the best and most exclusive part of the day with Him, will never regret anything left outside the walls of early morning devotion.

"Coffee at First Light"
photo by Kerry

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  1. Dear Kerry,

    I'm thinking that Jules will love your writing and enjoy it as much as I am. Re this post about beginning the day... I was thinking of the same topic, just this morning!

    Many thanks for the food for thought and the lovely photos -- for your quality column that I am only just discovering.


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