Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 22 – Walking With God

We are nearing the end of our second month in Cor Unum. There are mysteries and promises of devotional life that we do not grasp and do not hold, many of them, but we have come to see more closely why we’re here, and to trust that we are meant to stay.

“Where will we go?” the disciples asked. They had come to know that they were with the One Who had … Who in fact was … the Word of Life. We know that, too, but we don’t travel dusty roads in His presence. We to not talk to Him face to face and hear the inflection in His voice and see when His eyes twinkle . . . or flash with anger, as sometimes they did when Pharisee hearts reveled in hardness.

But wait . . . ! We do talk to Him, here in Cor Unum, and He sees our faces, and we have determined that in all things, “we will see Jesus.”

We will and we do walk with Him, every time we slow down, listen, ask and obey, holding on to Him and refusing to let go.

We have changed in His presence. We have addressed several areas of “conversatio,” of conversion in our lives that will help us stay where He is and live by His strength and love. We have chosen little things to do, and we have done them, and we have seen the difference those little things have made.

We will choose a new matter for “conversion” within a few days. Is it time to stop interrupting, or perhaps start offering to help when others around us are busy? Will some of us carve even a few more minutes off our generous leisure time in order to spend them listening to Jesus Christ, Word and Spirit? Are some writing notes of thanks each week or praying for persecuted brothers and sisters, or visiting widows?

Whatever the new challenge, we choose according to the love of God, we choose what we know He would have us do, and we choose that thing that we will not turn back from doing.

We choose Him, and we choose life. We choose the blessings of life in Cor Unum, where millions of others dwell with us, cloistered in the monastery of the heart.

"One Step At a Time"
photo by Kerry

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  1. I love that last paragraph. We choos Him, and we choose life. That simple statment is full of wisdom.... so profound. If only the world could grasp it.


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