Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 18 – The Road to the Damascus Road

Saul of Tarsus was not looking for Jesus when he found Him - when he was found of Him.

One moment Saul was “breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord,” and looking to bring his followers, both men and women, bound to Jerusalem. In a blinding flash, Saul next words were, “Who are you, Lord?”

We are on our way to a new vision, one in which we become blind to impossibilities. Soon we, like Paul, will ever proclaim, “He is the Son of God,” and with that "vision," we will win the world to faith in Christ.

With all the beauties and the horrors of the world flashing around us, “we see Jesus.” (Hebrews 2:9.) Where we can and must help, "we see Jesus," and where we cannot, we see Jesus. Where others see Him as clearly as we do, and where others hate the sound of His Name, we see Jesus. Other things grow dim, but we see Jesus.

We are on our way to that place where Paul’s question was answered, where our friendship will be to others light enough, in Christ, that they may ask the question Paul asked.

“Who are you, Lord?” That honest question is as the lifting of a latch.

Knowing Him, we will come to know, ever deeper and more certainly, Who He is when others are fearful, friendless, forgotten and faithless. What He would be to them will come through our hands and hearts and prayers, many times.

We cling to Him, the God Who has come to us. He Who would condescend to make our hearts His home, will find that we do value our birthright, and we can spend our lives making sure others gain theirs, as well.

"We See Jesus"
photo by Kerry

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