Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 14 – “Virginia is for Lovers!”

Who could have imagined the success that advertising campaign would enjoy!

A slogan . . . for the tourism industry! . . . for a state without a big amusement park or any cosmopolitan cities . . .

Suddenly, cars from Alabama to Alaska were sporting “Virginia is for Lovers!” bumper stickers.

Imagine seeing car decals from one end of the nation . . . of the earth! . . . to the other:


The people of God will not be able to push that one through with an ad campaign. We have tried friendliness, which is not a bad launch, and we have tried fear, get saved before the Big Burn, but when the people of God walk with the Son of God, “nations will come to (His) light, and kings to the brightness of (His) rising.” (Isaiah 60:3)

Frank Laubach wrote in his journal, as he maintained his determination to hold on to God, never letting go, that people began to stop and turn and look back at him as he passed, so overflowing was his love for them as he held on to the Lord he loved and as he looked, even at passersby, with God’s own love. He wrote that his life was becoming “God-intoxicated.”

Cor Unum is for lovers. In the absence of the decal, shall we not emblazon the love of God upon our hearts and minds, find our blessed Lord and God, bring Him into the tabernacle, the monastery, of our hearts and NEVER LET HIM GO!

"Home is Where the Heart Is"
photo by Kerry

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