Monday, January 11, 2010

January 13 - A View Inside

When the Oklahoma Carmelite monastery opened, a most rare opportunity was given to the local populace.

After the walls had been restructured and painted and the kitchen set up for the extern sisters’ use and the chapel fitted for the Divine Office and for the daily mass, before the monastery was sealed by Pontifical order, visitors were welcomed inside! Thanks to a far-seeing magazine journalist, photographs were taken and published, by permission of the Mother Prioress.

We may see the interior of the nuns’ cells and the nuns themselves on the way to the choir and even nuns at work “fixing the place up.” Every photo maintains the anonymity of the Sisters. They may be seen scraping the wood floors or entering the chapel, but their faces are averted or veiled.

The anonymity that many men and women dread in life is precious and preserved among them. They endeavor to live in perfect transparency of soul within the house, but they have left all public renown and acclaim, and even recognition, outside the doors.

We are seen and known. There are points at which others see us and know us better than we know ourselves, which is as disconcerting as it is true. Yet, we share a reality with monks and nuns and other discerning believers all over the world. We may hide ourselves in the likeness of Jesus Christ, if we will only take the time to pay homage to Him at home in the secret place of our hearts, in Cor Unum.

"In My House are Many Mansions"
The Biltmore Estate, circa 1946
personal collection/Kerry

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